About Us

Our brand origins

A group of like-minded principal individuals with international work experience came together as independent consultants to offer consulting services in our domain expertise.

We had a professional impetus and vision to support companies and individuals, to enable them to take charge of their business challenges, grow their brands and revenues.

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Our milestones


Founded to provide a solution to common problems:

High staff turnover in consultancy

High fee for principals

Project  delay with inexperienced staff

Inattentive to smaller clients

Lack of hands-on project execution for Principals


Won bid for LTA and STB 24-month projects -established our reputation as successful contenders to branded and large consultancies.

Client base from Europe to Asia.


Added management and communication consultancy (including execution) to our service portfolio

Launched our proprietary brand approach

Co-founder Lu-Ann Ong is published with University Of Hong Kong.


Supported clients on Spring and IE Singapore grant projects.

Founders are certified as Senior Practicing Management Consultants by SBACC.

2014 >

Contributes to professional body through SBACC by mentoring and sharing experience and knowledge with less established consultancies/ consultants; participated in seminars, publishing, and pro bono activities.