“We will be most happy to shout from the roof-top about 1920…

Regarding the plentiful and innovative ideas and recommendations from the team, all workable and cost-effective, your zeal and speed of delivery, and your excellent service!Mrs Boon-Gek Mudeliar. Head, Corporate Communications


“Our Head Office likes the approach and visual design work by your team and will be recommending it for global execution! That’s a real feather in the cap for our APAC.”

Ms Donna Ong. VP, APAC Marketing (Private Banking)


“i1920 is a thinking agency. They are very effective in coming up with strategies that works. It is thanks to them that we have gone on to win the Singapore Promising Brand Awards for 3 consecutive years, bag the winner of the Heritage Brand overall award, and the Singapore Experience Awards! I consider them part of my team, they are with us all the way”.

Ms Han May Ching. Director, Corporate Development, 2007-2011


“i1920 has put in a lot of effort to understand our requirements. They have done their best to put together a team who understands telco and also willing to have discussion with us to understand our concerns and comments directly. This approach has helped us to achieve our content in the right direction we want”.

Ms Donna Chiu. Director, Customer Solutions