Our consulting services focus on our clients’ most brand issues and opportunities: Strategy, Communications and Management.

Across all industries and in Asia, we bring functional expertise and independent perspective to enhance the business capabilities of our clients and create business value that are measurable.

Some of the issues we have helped MNCs include: 

  • Strategically positioning your brand for market entry or leadership
  • Re-establishing your brand relevance to target audience in Asia
  • Building your brand portfolio to maximise investment and growth
  • Extending and stretching your brands to capture new segments
  • Brand Activation for positive customer experiences
  • Equipping and engaging employees to deliver on the brand promise

Some of the issues we have worked with public sectors include: 

  • Building a Public Sector Brand: Visions, Values, Essence.
  • Projecting a Public Sector Brand to the public
  • Brand Communications Strategy
  • Brand Engagement for public sector employees
  • Change Management for Public sectors
  • Brand Activation for positive customer engagement

Some of the issues we have worked with SMEs include: 

  • Brand Roadmap, Naming and Positioning to Drive Revenue
  • Developing Your Brand to enhance business competitiveness
  • Developing Your Marketing Strategy to reach out to your target customers
  • Improving Your Organisational Performance
  • Business Strategy Innovation that helps enterprises gain competitive advantages
  • Business Remodelling to boost productivity and profitability