Case Studies

Client: Singapore Sports School

Mapping a Champion Strategy, manifesting Brand Character

Business Issue: SSP is the nation’s number only school that only school in Singapore that offers select youths an integrated academic and sports program in a world-class environment and offers scholarships to the best athletes. Yet on its 5th year of operation, the School was lacking in brand clarity to internal and external stakeholders, with some challenges in recruitment of right type of students, brand perception issues.

Process: Our comprehensive audit process using interviews, focus groups and research led to a repositioning of the brand for clarity. This clarity and definition of a “Champion” was cascaded into process, curriculum, and created new creative campaigns for Open Houses.

Supporting brand and communications, we designed collaterals that helped reframed and shaped the narrative about SSP. The new brand message platform and signature creative direction was implemented through an integrated efforts by SSP after the project handover.

Results: The School acquired a brand approach and strengthen internal capabilities; creating understanding and excitement for the country’s top Sports School, drawing international coaches and promising student athletes.