Case Studies

Client: Mount Alvernia Hospital

Mapping, Manifesting and Managing the Brand to Excellence

Business Issue: In the 1990s, Mount Alvernia Hospital, the first private hospital Singapore had lost its competitive edge. Stiff competition was eroding its market share of patients. Even restructured government hospitals seemed to have more clarity in their brand positioning.

Process: Research and data to review and analyse the competitive environment, understand the growth potential of the brand and determine a strategic course of brand action needed to revive the brand and reposition it to meet the needs of changing consumer demands.

Mapped the brand roadmap, recommending “Heart” as the key driver. MAH was founded on the values of compassion and will differentiate its brand by “Serving All With Love”. To anchor this, policies, processes and marketing efforts were reviewed and repositioned in line with the new positioning.

A new Brand identity was created to align with the brand position.

Within 2 years, the Brand and Brand experience of MAH anchored by “Heart” had won them hearts and increased revenue, unlocking the potential of Hospital.

Results: Mount Alvernia Hospital wins 3 consecutive years in the Singapore Brand Promising Award (heritage category) and enters the Hall of Fame. Mount Alvernia wins Singapore Experience Award (Healthcare)