Case Studies

Client: LogicMills

Mapping and Manifesting An SME Brand (Spring Grant)

Business Issue: Singapore households spent a great deal million a year on private enrichment courses for their children. This number of tuition centers increased five times over the past decade. There are now more than 500 centres in Singapore. In such a competitive landscape, branding is a necessary approach to highlight the value proposition and offerings, and to differentiate from others who purport to offer the exact services and expertise.

Process: Using the Spring CDG grant, we supported the client in brand development strategy to enhance business competitiveness and enable business remodeling for growth. The following were the keys to creating value through brand building :

Know your clients needs better than anyone else – Brand Audit
Create your brand strategy and business model to align – Roadmap.
Manifest the strategy with an overhaul of visual identity system – Logo and visuals
Fuel the strategy with a culture that reflects your brand position – Workshop .
Translate these into all branding and communication activities – client follow up

Results: LogicMills was able to attract investors and buy out to its promising business after articulating a clear brand strategy that showed the great potential of the brand for expansion.