Case Studies

Client: CAAS

Managing  Launch for A Branded Intranet

Business Issue: Digital workplace projects, intranet implementations and in fact most launches of new technology tend to be intense affairs for those on the project team. The difficult thing is that after all that hard work, there is a greater need for sustained effort required involved in trying to drive user adoption and manage change.

Process: Raising staff awareness of business initiatives is the first step towards managing new projects that need change management. From pre launch to through to its eventual retirement, an intranet must be constantly advertised to staff. Without this, many staff will remain unaware that the intranet even exists. Others may not recognise the full value of the intranet, or use anything but a tiny corner of the site. Targeted messages with a clear theme was developed to the organisation, using on site areas as a resource to promote the intranet, towards its launch.

Results: With a have a solid plan put in place, the intranet rollout was smooth and successful.